A surrogate is used when the mother is unable to carry a baby. They are also used for same-sex couples who are unable to become pregnant through infertility issues or gender. A Burbank fertility clinic helps these couples become parents by matching them with the right surrogate.

Choosing a Surrogate

Each clinic offers several options for surrogacy. Women who wish to participate in this program apply and provide documentation about all known medical conditions in their families. This gives the couple the opportunity to determine what surrogate mother meets their needs properly. Once the couple chooses a surrogate, the fertility clinic schedules interviews with the prospective surrogate for the couple.

Acquiring Samples

The clinician acquires samples from both partners. For women, this includes extraction of eggs. If they prefer, the clinic can freeze extra eggs to increase their odds of fertilization. The same opportunities are available for male samples as well. Once the samples are harvested, the clinician carries out the steps necessary for fertilizing the eggs for implantation. Once the eggs are fertilize, the surrogate mother must visit the clinic for implantation within forty-eight hours.

Scheduling the Implantation Process

When the clinician begins the fertilization process, they notify the parents and the surrogate. This helps them schedule the implantation process without complications. During the procedure, the fertilized egg is implanted into the surrogate mother and monitored for success.

Covering the Cost of Medical Treatment

In a surrogacy contract, the prospective parents cover the cost of all medical treatment needed by the mother. This includes all prenatal and maternity expenses. They also pay the cost of the six weeks checkup after the child is delivered. They are required to pay all expenses associated with neonatal care for the child. These contracts also designate any additional costs associated with the pregnancy.

By using a surrogate, couples who are unable to carry a child have the chance to become parents. This includes anyone who wished to become parents. A surrogate is implanted with a fertilized embryo and monitored to ensure successful implantation. Couples who wish to start this process in Galvan should contact their preferred clinic now.